Planning your stay

Your Getaway

The Domaine Heritage Bel Ombre brings a world of experiences and emotions to every visitor longing for a change of scene. Known for its untamed coastline and beautifully preserved spots, the region of Bel Ombre offers a lush green setting to two five-star resorts - Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Wellness Resort and Heritage Awali Golf and Spa - as well as luxury villas for rent, Heritage The Villas.

Once they have settled in one of the properties, guests can explore the area and enjoy the wide range of leisure activities in Bel Ombre: trekking, water sports, golf, quad-biking, kitesurf or game hunting for the sports addicts; a trip around the region and its typical villages for culture lovers; culinary escapes for the finest gourmets; and wellness experiences for those seeking ultimate relaxation.

Your own luxury Villa

In Bel Ombre, owning a property at Heritage Villas Valriche is possible under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS).  Stretching between 250 m2 and 900 m2, these luxury villas are nestled in a sumptuous exotic garden with private pool. They all open to spectacular views of the sea, the mountain and the golf course.

In Mauritius, owners of IRS villas may apply for a resident permit, which is consequently bound to a tax domicile for every individual present in the country for more than 183 days.

Exploring the region

Set in the Savanne District, in the southeast corner of the island, the Domaine stretches over 2,500 hectares, home to an incredibly rich biodiversity. Native forests, rivers, mountains, lagoons and more form a wonderful playground for exploration.

Considered as a natural sanctuary, Heritage Bel Ombre is now involved in a cooperative wildlife conservation program. Another priority is the preservation of the cultural heritage. The Place du Moulin was beautifully restored and the Ch√Ęteau has become the kingpin of the Domaine's leisure activities.

Discovering Mauritius

Mauritius is a cosmopolitan island of the Indian Ocean and owes its cultural diversity to Asian, African and European influences and origins. Religious traditions are omnipresent on the island, giving curious visitors a peek into the soul of Mauritius. Eccentric mountains, golden sand or soft pebble beaches, rugged cliffs and rocky plains: its multifarious landscapes will leave every visitor in amazement. Mauritius was moulded by three centuries of history, which have left noticeable marks in the island's architecture and locally-spoken languages: English, French and Creole.  

In this country, the climate is as lovely as the people: cheerful, friendly and tolerant, they stand out for their legendary sense of hospitality. More reasons for vacationers to settle in the region anytime of the year.

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