The iconic 18-hole championship golf course has undoubtedly been one crown jewel of the Domaine Heritage Bel Ombre since its creation in 2004. Designed by the South-African architect Peter Matkovitch, this 100-hectare golf course has been voted Best Golf Course in the Indian Ocean for six consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020) at the World Golf Awards.

Whatever their handicap level, golfers will enjoy an exciting golfing experience with expansive and eye-catching views at the Heritage Golf Club.

Water Activities

Kayaking, kitesurf, scuba-diving, stand up paddle, water-skiing… There are a lot of water sports to choose from at Heritage Resorts' boat house, located at the Heritage C Beach Club. Those who do not fancy a dip may go for a game of beach-volley or a petanque. No one ever gets bored at Heritage Resorts, unless lounging under the coconut trees is all you want to do.

The Nature Reserve

Whether exploring Heritage Nature Reserve on foot, bike, by car or on a quad, visitors and modern-day adventurers will delight in the vast stretches of wilderness and preserved wildlife. These 1,300 hectares of pristine nature, rivers, waterfalls, lagoons and hills are kept in their original state thanks to significant conservation efforts, and they stand as a natural sanctuary for endemic plants and animals such as the Pink Pigeon, which was actually saved from extinction in extremis. Tropical birds, wild boars and deer also have their home in this vast reserve.

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La Place du Moulin is a vestige of the past that is unique to Bel Ombre. Built on the former sugar mill site of Bel Ombre, it has maintained an antique flair with its preserved stone arches, turbines and paved paths. Now a shopping and event complex located at some 500 meters from the sea, it provides nearby services for the residents of the Bel Ombre properties as well as an open stage designed to accommodate exhibitions and shows.

Another major attraction on the Domaine is Heritage Le Château. This charming Anglo-Indian colonial style family house has been freshly restored to its former glory. The interior and exterior spaces have been tastefully reinvented to accommodate a restaurant and to create a stage design that brings the historical context back to life and invites guests to further discover the estate, its traditional villages and typical countryside.


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Breathe, unwind and experience total reconnection and harmony with nature… Indulge in a sensuous coconut massage, a hot stone massage or a flower-scented bath… In the estate's luxury spas, guests are pampered and, depending on their choice of treatment, they are sure to leave totally restored or relaxed.


Bel Ombre's culinary palette is infused with local flavours. Most of the ingredients used in the kitchens are sourced from the estate, from hunt game to vegetables such as palm heart. 

With twelve restaurants, the promise of a dining experience for every taste is held: gourmet cuisine at Heritage le Château, light meals at Heritage C Beach Club, hearty Italian delights at the Kuzini, to name a few. A vast array of flavours and textures to satisfy every palate…

Exploring the South

Bel Ombre stretches harmoniously between two decors: green mountains and rolling hills on the one side; pristine lagoon and beaches on the other… Such harmony has been wilfully maintained to leave a feel of authenticity, as evidenced by the typical fishermen villages abiding along the coast.

The whole region has been impervious to urban development. High spots include Chamarel's famous seven-coloured earth, Grand-Bassin's holy lake, Le Morne's UNESCO World Heritage site, Souillac's rugged cliffs and Macondé's scenic route. These are all intense experiences for visitors to live…

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